Eliminating Police Brutality Worldwide

by megan green on Août 29, 2017 - 11:35pm

Police brutality is known as a controversial issue and is also currently discussed about on a regular basis. This on-going act of violence is affecting our societies on a global scale. Writer, Felipe Villamor, reflects upon this issue through a horrid event that occurred on August 26th 2017 in the Philippines. A young teenage boy was murdered by Philippine police after being suspected of being on illegal drugs and supposedly attempted fighting with these authorities, however, the entire Filipino community strongly believes in this boy's innocence. This is not the first time such crime had been committed - hundreds of innocent lives have been taken in the past year due to their latest election. The evidence obtained was also inaccurate which made the investigation more doubtful for those who wanted justice for Kian Loyd delos Santos. The newly elected president also allows this behaviour, encourages the police to find and end drug users. Thousands of individuals from the Philippines gathered together as a whole to grieve the death of Kian and to protest against police brutality in order to resolve this issue. A large amount of Filipinos have already managed to get involved in trying to fix the problem and seeking a change by doing a march. Once again thousands of people participated in this march to raise awareness about the wrongfulness of this crime and to end police brutality for good. Enough is enough! I believe teaching kids at a young age about this sort of issue could have a very positive impact in solving this problem. We must begin by teaching young children about equality and raise awareness that our authorities do not have the right to use excessive force upon us because sometimes the consequences are much worse. Stricter regulations could also be a step in the right direction but we must act in order to get a positive result.  

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