If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

by tachibana on Juillet 19, 2017 - 8:10pm

There are many smokers in the world. In 2007, WHO said that 1.1 billion people are smoking in the world, accounting for 1/3 of the world's population over the fifteen years. In particular, there are many smokers in developing countries. That number is 800 million. 700 million of them are men. 200 million men and 100 million women are smoking cigarettes in developed countries. In Japan, 20 million men and 7 million women are smoking. I want cigarette to disappear from the world. It is because smoking is not good for health. Tobacco contains more than 4000 harmful substances, and it also harms people around the smoker. I am opposed to smoking. I have some reasons, so I will tell you about them.

Do you think if there are merits to smoking? I think tobacco do not have merits, but sometimes smokers say that tobacco has many merits for own health. For example, losing weight,, relaxing effect, motivation rises and more. These are all effects of nicotine. I think these are also merits and demerits. It is because these are nicotine-dependent symptoms. If these nicotine in the body decreases, the effect will be diminished and more nicotine will be wanted. (BMJ Global Health).WHO said that nicotine dependence is the same as drug dependence. Everyone has ability to be passive smokers. Tobacco will also cause damage to them. For example, doubling the risk of lung cancer. This is the result of examination by a hospital recommending smoking cessation. However, I agreed with just one merit. One day, my friend said me that smoking is communication tool. Especially, many men smoke in smoking areas at rest time. I agreed with this idea so much. They can say that smoking is hobby. They gather at a smoking area and enjoy conversation. I felt that it is a merit to communicate with others, but I do not think that it is the best way to communicate. Tobacco has too many demerits.

You cannot stop smoking easily even if you want to quit. Because it depends on nicotine. The dependence of nicotine is said to be stronger than heroin and cocaine. However, about 3.5 billion people have succeeded in quitting smoking so far. The number of hospitals that help smoking cessation is increasing recently. You can use health insurance there. Therefore, only 30% of the cost of treatment is self-burdensome. It is said to be around 20,000 yen in three months depending on the prescribed medicine. There are three types of smoking cessation aid: nicotine-free medicine, nicotine patches, nicotine gums. Nicotine-free medicine and nicotine patches relieve withdrawal symptoms of nicotine breaks by releasing small amounts of dopamine, and you do not feel the cigarette tastes good. Nicotine gum absorbs nicotine contained in gum from the mucosa of the mouth. This is always decided as one per day. Rather than losing the dependence of cigarettes, you have to fight against smoking for your own health (Cyber Corporation, 2007), so if you start smoking, you cannot stop easily, and your body will become bad.

There are many teen smokers in the world. Smoking in Japan is not to be over 20 years old. Americans can smoke if they are over 18 years old, and UK is 16 years old. I think that this law should be revised. Teenager’s body and brain are immature. The bad influence is great accordingly. For example, the probability of becoming cancer increases and the brain becomes smaller and smaller. It is said that height will not grow and it will cause premature death. The whole world should recommend smoking cessation. We should also consider revising the constitution for that purpose.

Can you understand tobacco’s bad points? Tobacco affects not only smokers but also non-smokers as passive smokers. I want to reduce smokers from the world. It will not only protect yourself but also to protect your precious people. Everyone should think deeply about smoking.


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