Great Person to Me

by shota on Juin 21, 2017 - 4:33am

Most people may have a person who they respect for something. For example, singing, fashion or sports. A person I respect is KenKen. He is a Japanese bass guitar player and he is joining many bands. For instance, RIZE, Dragon Ash, FUZZY CONTROL and more. He is from Tokyo, Setagaya and 31 years old now. His family are Nobuaki Kaneko as a brother, Mari Kaneko as a mother and Jonny Yoshinaga as his father. All member of his family are musician and he was affected by them. I will introduce them later. Then, I will write about his family and a reason why I respect him in this essay.

Firstly, I wrote that his family members are Nobuaki Kaneko, Mari Kaneko and Jonny Yoshinaga and they are musicians. Nobuaki Kaneko is drummer and actor. He is 35 years old now. He plays the drum in RIZE that is the same band with KenKen. He acts in Buzzer Beat, Tokyo Swan or Crows Zero. Also, he act in some TV commercial. Next, Mari Kaneko is a rock singer and 62 years old now. She started singing from 18 years old and she was called ‘Janis in Simokitazawa’. Janis Joplin is a singer who represent of 60's rock singer in United States. It means Mari Kaneko is very good at singing. The last is Jonny Yoshinaga. He was a drummer and actor. He died in 2012 and he was 63 years old. He made an opportunity to become a bassist for KenKen and Nobuaki. He introduced KenKen and Nobuaki for other musicians and invited his concert many times when they were 3. KenKen grew up in musician family.

I respect KenKen from various angle. First is his bass guitar skill. I play the bass guitar too and I understand that his skills are great. Second is his efforts. He is very good at bass play because he has a lots of efforts. He was born in musician family but they did not praise him. He decided to become great and praise by someone. In his practicing, he plays some difficult songs at double or triple the speed. Also, I respect way of his thinking too. At an interview, he said that effort is the most important point for anything. His fan told KenKen is genius. And then, KenKen replied that do not put away his efforts by only genius. In addition, he told fans that they come to see him and get his sign or goods or watch concert? He always says his feeling and his ideas and not afraid offending by someone. I like it because many famous people do not say anything ? because they scares about offenses.

KenKen is person I respect because he is very good at playing bass guitar. I like his efforts and way of thinking. I want to be like him and move someone’s feeling in the future.

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