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Many tourists know Tokyo, Hokkaido, Okinawa, Osaka, but many don’t know about the prefectures at the center of Japan. This particular prefecture is called Nagano. I have never been to Nagano, so I want to go there. There are many good sightseeing spots and historical buildings. I will introduce Zenko Temple, Matsumoto Castle, and Nojiri Lake.

First, I will give background information on Nagano. Nagano is located at the region of Chubu area. It is the central area in Japan. Nagano is bordered by Niigata, Toyama, Gifu, Aichi, Shizuoka, Yamanashi, Saitama, and Gunma prefectures. There are about two million two thousand people in Nagano. The capital is Nagano city.

Next, I will write about Zenko Temple. Zenko Temple has deeply wide faith as a place of connection with Amitabha Nyorai as a base of people's mind. Amitabha Nyorai is a statue of Buddha with a Buddhist image that became a Nyorai by training and achieving enlightenment. Presently, the number of worshipers increases with the development of the transportation network, so about six million people visit this place annually. In the opening ceremony of the Nagano Winter Olympic Games, that was held in February 1998, Zenko Temple Bessen belled for the whole world with the wishes of world peace. I am looking forward to visiting Zenko Temple to learn about its history. Moreover, I want to get good luck.

Thirdly, I will mention about Matsumoto Castle. Matsumoto Castle is the nation's oldest national treasure, which has a five-fold and six-storied castle tower, built in the era of warring states in 1504. The contrast between the black and white is splendid, like in the mountains of the Alps, and has a stunning landscape. I want to go to Matsumoto Castle to enjoy the historical building. I like history, so I hope that I can visit there during summer vacation.

Finally, I will write about Nojiri Lake. Located at the border of northern Nagano prefecture and Niigata prefecture, Nojiri Lake is famous for the discoveries of Nauman elephants and the fossils of Okinoshino and Old Stoneware. It is presumed to be a place of "hunting life" about 40,000 years ago, and the excavation investigation is still being carried out now. What kind of world was the "ancient" inhabited by Nauman elephants and Aedes deer in the vicinity of Nojiri Lake? "Nojiri Lake Excavation Survey" began in 1962. "Nojiri Lake Nouman Elephant Museum" is researching and exhibiting the natural environment around Nojiri Lake, going back to the time of about 50,000 years ago from now. You can imagine the Nauman elephant hunting at the Nojiri Lake from excavated fossils, bones and stones. I want to go to Nojiri Lake because I can enjoy nature.

In conclusion, I have introduced Zenko Temple, Matsumoto Castle, and Nojiri Lake. I have never been to Nagano, so if I have time, I want to go. I can enjoy sightseeing spots and historical buildings. I am looking forward to visiting there.

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