“The Spectacular Prefecture”

by Muscle Konishi on Mai 9, 2017 - 2:56am

Japan has 47 prefectures and these prefectures have different attractions to visit. Above all, I recommend visiting Kumamoto prefecture now, because the big earth quake have hit there and they received a lot of damages. Now, there, many people are changing the style of their cities and fixing their buildings, so we can see the new styles and feel their passions. Therefore, I will write about the introductions about Kumamoto city.

Kumamoto prefecture is located in Kyusyu district. It is surrounded by Miyazaki and Nagasaki prefecture. This prefecture has beautiful sea and some big mountains. Especially, Mt. Aso is very famous for tourists. The area of this prefecture is about 7,409.44km². The population is about 1,775,337 populations. The population density of this prefecture is about 240 population/km². The climate is almost the Pacific side climate. Mt. Aso has famous for caldera. Caldera is the hole of top of the mountain which was made by irruption. Mt. Aso irrupted 90000 years ago.

Many cyclists like to ride on bicycle and go to mountains. Because they want to feel the sense of accomplishment to reach to top of the mountain and feel refreshed. In Kumamoto prefecture, Mt. Aso is the most famous cycling spot in Kyushu district. The reasons why this mountain is famous for cycling have three things. First, the road there is very comfortable to ride a bicycle. You can understand the conditions of their road from the right picture. I’m one of the cyclist and I want to visit there and ride a bicycle there!

All prefectures have the peculiarity of the regions. In Kumamoto, they have some good and special products there. Especially, the Kumamoto Ramen is the most famous there. The reason why the ramen is popular with many people is about the soup is very delicious. The soup of Kumamoto Ramen be made from pig bones. The original style was Fukuoka Ramen which include the white soup made from pig bones and the sliced grilled pig is delicious and looks like Kumamoto Ramen. The Kumamoto Ramen is richer than Fukuoka’s one. In addition, the horse meat is famous there. That is called “Basashi” in Japanese. The taste of it is little bit strange for tourists because that is little bit pale white taste, but you should try to eat this. In Kumamoto, they have more delicious foods and we can find the new popular foods there. We should go there and be proficient the taste of these foods.

In 2016, the big earth quake caused extensive damage to the Kumamoto prefecture. Therefore, the castle of Kumamoto was faced to crisis of collapse. Farther more, the suburbs of Kumamoto cities received a lot of damage too. The citizens were being tried to recover their livelihood and now almost citizens are living in their house, but some citizens are living in the temporary housing. However, they never give up and they are always going ahead. Therefore, we should visit to Kumamoto to help them, feeling the wild natures and eating delicious food there.

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