The Historical City

by Yuta on Mai 9, 2017 - 2:53am

In Japan, there are 47 prefectures and thousands of cities. Of course, I do not still know all of Japanese cities. In those cities, I would like to visit  Hiroshima prefecture. There is very famous prefecture among people who come from foreign countries, but I have never been there. Therefore, I do not know about Hiroshima in detail. This time, I have an opportunity that I can research about Hiroshima, so I researched three things. First one is the history of Hiroshima. Next is the local foods of Hiroshima and last one is sightseeing spots of Hiroshima. I will tell you all of them.

Japan had done many wars and Japan was attacked by many countries. The World War Ⅱ happened and Japan was dropped the nuclear bomb by America on August in 1945. It is famous happening. Do you know where the nuclear bomb dropped in Japan? It is Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Hiroshima received attack than Nagasaki. After the bomb was dropped, almost of all things was destroyed and about 160,000 people were dead.

This time, I pick up three famous local foods that I want to eat. They are Hiroshi-Fu Okonomiyaki, Hiroshima Ramen and Oyster Curry. I have eaten only Hiroshima-Styled Okonomiyaki once. Other two local foods have ever eaten, so I researched them in detail. First, Hiroshima-Styled Okonomiyaki is similar of usual okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki is baked food that are made by egg, wheat flour, cabbage and tempura scraps and so on. However, there are some features. Hiroshima-Styled Okonomiyaki is used fried eggs and noodle. Usually, okonomiyaki does not use them. It is big feature of Hiroshima-Styled Okonomiyaki. Next is Hiroshima Ramen. This food does not have unique point but, this is loved by people in Hiroshima. The soup of this ramen is made from bones of pork, but it is very plainly and healthy. It is a special point of Hiroshima Ramen. Third one is Oyster Curry. I cannot image this food. Hiroshima is famous for oyster and people in Hiroshima are using oyster to various food. Oyster Curry is one of them and it becomes popular food in Japan. I do not like oyster, but curry is my favorite food. Sometime, I would like to try this food.

Third one is sightseeing spots. There are some sad spots in Hiroshima. Do you know Genbaku Dome? It relates the history of Hiroshima. This dome was a common museum and this dome is the center point where a nuclear weapon was dropped. However, it was not destroyed, so this dome is called Genbaku Dome now. Next one also related the war. It is Peace Memorial Park. There is the grave of people who died in the war. Every year, we pray for people who died for Japan in August. We have never forgotten this event. On the other hand, Hiroshima has a unique shrine. It is Itsukushima Shrine and a lot of visitors go there. All of shrines have Torii. Torii of Itsukushima was established in the sea. It is very rare case in Japan and there are many beautiful spots, so I want to visit there absolutely.

I introduced the history and local foods and sightseeing spots in Hiroshima. Therefore, local places have many unique own cultures, foods and more. I told you the good things of Hiroshima. It is the prefecture that I want to visit.

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