The Fascinating Island in Japan

by MoXv on Mai 9, 2017 - 2:46am

Japan has a lot of fascinating places, so recently, the number of foreigners coming to Japan for sightseeing is increasing. I also have places I want to visit in Japan. Especially, now I want to visit Hokkaido because it is famous for its vast land, foods, natures, and so on. I want you to know attractiveness of Hokkaido. Let me introduce “seafoods”, “sightseeing locations”, “animals” in Hokkaido.

When you think about Hokkaido, what things come to your mind at first? I think there are a lot of delicious foods. I like seafood dishes. Hyogo prefecture where I live is also famous for seafood because it faces two kinds of seas, Setonaikai (the island sea) and Nihonnkai (the sea of Japan), so I also want to try to eat seafood in Hokkaido. A lot of restaurants in Hokkaido can offer fresh seafood because they have some fishing ports near there. In the center of Sapporo, there is a famous restaurant whose name is Gotsubo. It offers Washoku (Japanese traditional dishes) using fresh seafoods, so it is popular among foreigners.

Next, I want you to know about sightseeing locations in Hokkaido. As I mentioned before, the number of foreigners who came to Japan is increasing and 10% of the total came to Hokkaido last year. Do you know why? The popular tourist spots are different from country to country. Let me give you some examples. First, among the Chinese, the most popular spot is Abashiri because the Chinese drama set there. This was fashionable in China then, so they want to visit there once. Among the Singaporean, they want to see snow because they have never seen it in their country. That’s why they tend to visit Hokkaido for the first time. This is not only the Singaporean but also the Taiwanese. Among the Thai, a hotel in Utanobori is the most popular place because the hotel staff will offer them a lot of services to meet the Thai’s demand. If they want to have some traditional experiences of Japan, the shop assistant prepares something related to Cool Japan like Mochitsuki. Mochitsuki is one of traditional events in Japan. Japanese people make Mochi(rice-cake) using mortar and pestle in winter. Among the Australian, skiing in Niseco city is the most popular. Snow’s disposition is better than Australia’s, so a lot of Australian stay there for a long time to enjoy it. Hokkaido has many tourist spots that foreigners have never experienced ever before. Of course, Japanese too. Especially I want to visit Niseco to ski because my hometown doesn’t have snow a lot.

Finally, I’ll introduce animals in Hokkaido. Do you know a famous zoo in Hokkaido? Asahiyama-zoo is the most famous zoo there. There are some kinds of animals which are bred in nature. For example, a polar bear, a scops owl, and an amur leopard. This breeding was the first case in Japan. In addition, you can see other animals which live in only Hokkaido such as Cervus hortulorum and Brown bear. I never seen such animals so I want to see once.

I found the reason why Hokkaido is so fascinating through looking over the website about Hokkaido. Hokkaido has own sightseeing locations or shops, so I want to visit and experience something that we can do it only there. I want the municipalities to increase facilities for both foreigners and Japanese visitors. To do so, we can enjoy touring in Hokkaido more and more.

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