The Prefecture I Want to Visit

by Konishi fan on Mai 9, 2017 - 2:43am

Hokkaido has a lot of attractions. It is the biggest in Japan. In addition, it occupies22% of Japan and was divided into 14 part. The area of Hokkaido is about 80,000. Hokkaido is located in the northernmost of Japan, and the island was surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk. Population of Hokkaido is about 5,600,000. I will introduce about a configuration and industry, sightseeing spot and popular winter sport in Hokkaido with my reasons that I would like to go there.

First, Hokkaido is the northernmost prefecture in Japan and there is a borderline between Hokkaido and the main island of Japan. Therefore, it has unique animals and industries. Distinctive nature of Hokkaido is low temperature. The average temperature of a year is 8.9 degree, so special species of animals which are not in other prefectures inhabit there. Especially, animals which has “Ezo” in a part of name are only live in Hokkaido. For example, Kita-Kistune(north fox), Ezo-Momonga and Ezo-Risu(squirrel) and so on. They are so cute, so I’d really like to see them. Agriculture products also are active. Especially, potatoes, onions and wheat of production are largest in Japan. Potatoes in Hokkaido are so good, you should eat them at least once. However, the typhoon hit Hokkaido recently. Because of the typhoon, production of potatoes in Hokkaido decreases considerably and many types of potato chips stopped the production temporarily. The typhoon rarely hits Hokkaido, so it is a rare phenomenon.

Next, do you know sightseeing spots are popular in Hokkaido? Asahiyama zoo has a lot of animals that are specific. There are many specific animals which inhabit only in Hokkaido. A good point of the zoo is that some animals are without a fence. I have never seen such the zoo. I want to see animals at close, so the zoo is exciting for me. Tomita farm is also a famous place in Hokkaido. There are a lot of colorful flowers. The view is very beautiful and makes you calm or happy maybe. Many of girls certainly would like to visit there. Next is Sapporo city. A night view in Sapporo is wonderful. Maybe, to see a night view in Sapporo with eating Sapporo noodle is the best. I want to go sightseeing other places in Hokkaido.

Next, I will introduce winter sports which we can experience in Hokkaido. First, skiing is famous winter sport in Hokkaido. Some of famous ski places are Tomamu, Rustu, and Kiroro. I have never skied, because I have never seen snow lay. There are a lot of snow piling up in winter, so skiing is suitable. In addition, snow board also is famous winter sport. It is popular among young people and it is difficult for a lot of people to slide down. Snow board is winter sport that I want to try most. These days, snow mobile is popular. I would like to do that, too. There are many winter sports which can only experience in Hokkaido.

In conclusion, Hokkaido has abundant industries, agricultural products and specific animals. In the same way, we can go and enjoy many sightseeing spots. I really would like to go there.

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