The Prefecture Warm Island in Japan

by Momoka on Mai 9, 2017 - 2:40am

There are many cities and prefectures in Japan. Among them, I especially would like to visit Okinawa prefecture. I have a reason why I like to go there. When I was a high school student, I could not decide whether to go to Okinawa or Hawaii as a school trip and I chose Hawaii, so I could not go to Okinawa. After finishing our school trip, one of my friends told me “I could experience lots of fun things in Okinawa.” When I heard of it, I just thought I should have chosen Okinawa. I researched Okinawa. Let me introduce you about Okinawa’s profile, history, and sightseeing places.

First, Okinawa prefecture is located in the southernmost prefecture of Japan. Its capital called Naha is in the southern part of Okinawa. The population is about 1,440,000 people. Its character is vast, beautiful ocean, and lots of islands. It is sandwiched between East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It has an area of 22.81 square kilometers. Most of the people live in the main island of Okinawa, and others live in the isolated islands. The island experiences temperatures above 20 °C for most of the year. The climate of the islands ranges from humid subtropical climate in the north. The islands of Okinawa are surrounded by some of the most abundant coral reefs.

Second, I will introduce the history of Okinawa. Okinawa was originally an independent country, neither Japan nor Chinese. It traded with many countries, but it was invaded by the Satsuma Han (Han means feudal domain in English.) which was governed by Mr. Shimazu in the Edo era from 1603 to 1868. During the Pacific War, Okinawa was the only prefecture where land battles occurred. Because of it, Okinawa was occupied by America and was under the rule of America. In other words, it became a part of America. In 1972, it was returned to mainland Japan. If I go to Okinawa, I will go to Shuri temple because I want to learn about the Pacific War and know about what happened in those days.

Finally, I will give you two sightseeing places I would like to go to. One is Churaumi Aquarium because I like seeing fish. It is located at the north of Okinawa. I was surprised when I heard about the origin of “Churaumi”. “Chura” means beautiful or lovely in Okinawa’s dialect. I can visit there by buses, taxis, etc. I checked on the internet about what is popular there. There is a big panel and inside it, there are various kinds of fish, manta ray and so on. The panel height is about eight meters and the width is about twenty-two meters and the thickness is about sixty centimeters. I especially want to see the shark. The total length of the shark is about nine meters long. Also, I can enjoy eating foods there. I want to go to a restaurant named “Ino” because it is an ocean view restaurant and I can see the East China Sea. Another one is Kokusai Road. There are many shops and restaurants. I can enjoy shopping, eating local foods, and listening to folk songs. There are many foods that I want to eat. For example, I want to eat Goya Chample, which is made of fried tofu, bitter gourd, and meat. Also, it means jumbling together. Chample is Okinawa’s dialect. My mother made it for me when I was a child. I want to try the genuine taste of Goya Chample. It sometimes tastes bitter, but it is good for our bodies because it contains lots of vitamins. I like eating sweets very much because it makes me happy. Before I go to Okinawa, I will check shops which sell many sweets. Researching is good when I travel somewhere.

I have introduced profile, history, and sightseeing places. There are many good points and characteristics in Okinawa. By researching about Okinawa deeply, my interest has deepened very much. To go to Okinawa, I have to save money. I want to go there as soon as possible.

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