Should Marijuana be Legalized in America?

by julienlaberge on Mai 5, 2017 - 8:40pm

This is an article talking about how the American election could be a turning point for the marijuana legalization. I’ll just focus on both worldviews concerning this major new possible law. It was written in October 2016 so actions have took places since then but the fundamental ideas are still the same.

The article presents some states in favor of legalization such as Arizona and Nevada, and a map of the U.S if this law passes. The movement towards legalization in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington over the past years has opened the door for an eventual federal legalization. This legalization would mean “the beginning of the end of the war on marijuana” said Gavin Newsom, the lieutenant governor of California and a former mayor of San Francisco. We can say that this is a conflict between the liberalism and conservatism point of views, liberalism in the sense of liberty, but the liberty of consuming or not this drug, and conservatism in the way of refusing any changes or innovations.  

The liberalist side puts its energy more on the economic aspect by promoting that the market of both recreational and medicinal marijuana “is projected to grow to $22 billion in four years from $7 billion this year if California says yes”. They promote the fact that this legalization would create an explosion for the market and boost the American economy in no time. It would be even bigger than the wine industry if legalized in all states.

The conservative arguments are more centralized around the health damage that it would bring if legalized. Marijuana smoke is compared to cigarettes smoke with its harmful repercussions. It would be exchanging a criminal crisis for a public health crisis. Many studies has showed that these effects are seen in the “adolescent development, to the cardiovascular system and to fetuses”. Marijuana is more addictive than alcohol, but less than tobacco. 25% of weekly users risk to become addicted to this drug. This is a battle to “protect the human brain, the mind, our futures, our kids”, this is what they defend.

I personally think that even with the health problems, we should legalize the cannabis because the impact on the economy is just too big. It will help so much the government with a new income as big as these predictions. However, I would put restrictions on this drug. The same as alcohol, you need to be major, so 18 or over here and 21 and over in the U.S. There should have limits to the quantity you can buy in a certain period of time to prevent excess and abusive consummation. I see this legalization as a human right to buy it or not, I really prefer see people smoking marijuana bought in those certified cannabis shops then marijuana bought at the black market, non-certified and really toxic. I agree with this innovation because the cannabis available will be “clean” if I can say, it will not be a toxic substance as the one circulating in our streets right now. Studies and verifications will be made in order to sell a product the less harmful as possible. I may not be in total favor, but I don’t think we can stop people from smoking cannabis, so I want it the less damageable for these smokers.   



Fuller, Thomas, “Election May Be a Turning Point for Legal Marijuana” New York Times, October 24, 2016,

This is a quality source because it has been published in the New York Times, and had like purpose to inform people about a critical situation.


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