Multiculturalism in Quebec, really?

by emilegaudette on Mai 5, 2017 - 12:28pm

The article is about the biased idea spread by our medias that the province of Quebec population has a multiculturalist minding. An expression attributed to people in favor of the maintain/ growth of the immigration in our province. The author provides, on a sarcastic tone, that multiculturalism is an insult! He says that it doesn’t exist in Quebec. In fact, everybody (politicians) kind of reject that multiculturalism here. He says that politicians like the fact that the topic is unclear between Quebec and Canada so that they don’t they don’t have to take position. But, he believes that there’s a big difference between these worldviews: the Canadian version says that there’s no common culture for Canadians and the opposite for Quebec, a cultural diversity based on a common culture and one language. Quebecers are plurualist, not multiculturalist.  We only have a diversified society.


I completely agree with the author of this article, even thought our worldview is actually changing. I live 45 minutes away from Montreal and the cultural diversity is way different from Montreal. At my High school, there were just a few immigrants. It wasn’t part of our lives to live with other cultures. It’s really not in our worldview to accept their culture. It didn’t have any impact on people but I felt like if it was alright only if they had our culture and that they didn’t “disturb” us with it. I feel like Quebecers (except people in Montreal) don’t want different cultures on their territory. For example, my grandparents are still racist sometimes even if they say that they are joking. It’s probably just ignorance. their generation was fed by tv news like TVA nouvelles and based their opinions on these. But, the future generation has already started to view the world differently. My little brother goes to a school that is full of people with different cultures and he will be raise with a different knowledge of the world than my grandparents did. I strongly believe that different cultures in Quebec is a strength for us and that we can learn from those. It’s by accepting their differences that we will have a united and stronger Quebec. People don’t adopt a multiculturalist culture because they are sacred of loosing our culture and language.  People that immigrate here can adopt our culture and keep theirs easily! That’s the future of province of Quebec.

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