From Gravel to Green

by koalabear on Novembre 25, 2016 - 10:04pm

For decades our society has been constantly urbanizing, turning untouched land into skyscrapers and sub-divisions.  We are constantly attached to technology and glued to what’s going to happen next on social media. What if everyone took a step back and remembered what used to make most of us so happy when we were younger? Playing outside!! After researching the effects of how being outside affects mental and physical health; it’s evident that going outdoors has many positive benefits

I chose the article “'Goodbye gravel, hello green': city planners hope to convert parking lots to green space.” This article discusses how Edmonton is hoping to transform 4 parking lots in the downtown core into a 1.25 –hectare park. The article then went on to explain how having such a large green space downtown would be very appealing for residents and create something unique in a bustling city. The park would create a venue for downtown festivals and gathering while also being dog friendly. This park would be quite interesting because it’s right in the middle of downtown surrounded by tall buildings, creating this sense of a little piece of happiness in the middle of madness. The article discusses how urban planners have been urging for this to happen for months since other large cities like Toronto have been trying to implement more parks in order to encourage people to get in touch with the outdoors.  Implementing more eco-diversity within urbanized areas has been proven to improve people’s mental health and overall level of happiness.  Studies have shown that people feel more energetic and alive when placed in an outdoors/nature setting.

This will also help to create more economic opportunities for the government in Edmonton as they can hold gatherings and events in this new space. Creating a space where people can feel included in a community is always good and people really appreciate being outdoors. With this sizeable green space there are many positive outcomes! Offering a green space that is both economic and environmentally friendly is a great addition to any city. It’s truly providing Edmonton with the best of both world.

Hopefully more major cities can lead by example and see how see how sometimes providing people with a more eco-friendly landscape can bring them wealth and happiness to their communities.

In my opinion this is extremely important in today’s society. We live day-to-day lives depending on our smartphones or computers to get us through the day. If everyone were to take a step outside and be able to appreciate the simple things then I believe it could have really great outcomes. By implementing this small park into downtown Edmonton, it can create an escape for people. Sometimes the next big project for a city doesn’t have to be a huge building or a new road…it can be a simple park to make people happy.

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