Africans in India

by Tmeade1 on Novembre 20, 2016 - 5:49pm

For decades, Africans fleeing from their war torn countries have resided in many parts  of India.    As I researched further into Africans living in India, I found out about the ongoing issue of racism.  There have been many short films, and news articles showing how badly Africans living in India are treated.  Some Indians have gone as far as harassing, and  assaulting many African students.   Some of these hate crimes even take place during the day when many people are around. No matter where Africans go, they are discriminated against-and it’s sad. They even refer to the Africans, as “banders” monkeys. Most even speak hindi and still aren’t accepted.

I chose the article, Being African in India: ‘ We are seen as demons’.  Zaharadden Muhammad, is Nigerian and has been living in India for a year.  He explains that “African students no longer feel safe in India; we have to deal with racism at every turn.”  There have been many cases in which mobs of Indian men are targeting African women; beating and stripping them of their clothes.  In one case a Congolese teacher died after receiving a brutal beating.  The police would simply dismiss any complaints of racism, which caused African students to form rallies.  “I don’t want to be targeted. Even when people ask me at parties where I am from, I often never know who you are speaking to. You might be followed and harassed,” said by a female african student.  Zaharadden says he has never been invited to a Indian wedding or a Indian person’s home, and they simply ignore him.  Zarharadden’s advice to a Nigerian friend who wants to study in India is “... to go elsewhere...the purpose of studying abroad is to learn about another culture. If that cannot be achieved, then you might as well not go.”  According to Aletta Andre, at, “Professor Archin Vanaik, links the widespread of racism African people face to the Indian caste system.” Most think of the african women as prostitutes and the men as drug dealers.   

In my opinion, I wouldn’t want to travel to a country where people discriminate against their own people.  In north India, studies have shown that the white indians strongly dislike the dark skin ones.   I don’t think the racism Africans face are  really linked to India’s caste system, because for years there have been a divide between white indians and black indians, also hindus and muslims.


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