Deforestation, A Major Issue On our Planet

by StrongFaith on Octobre 28, 2016 - 3:39pm

Deforestation may not be a problem for humans in short term, in fact they destroy forests to benefit themselves. Logging provides the means and supplies to create a number of things that man uses in this world. And taking all these trees down also provides the necessary space and areas to build more and more houses, factories, stores, railroads and highways. These three websites show the dangers and repercussions of deforestation.

     The world is still covered in over thirty percent of forest but we lose more and more of it every year. The loss of forests is due to a number of different factors. Farmers take down the forests to increase there land so they will be able to produce more crop or use the land for an area for their livestock to graze in. They do this by slashing or creating a controlled fire to burn down the area of land they want to use. Other things such as logging takes a big toll one forests as well. Another factor is natural disasters such as wildfires which burn every living thing in its path such as baby trees and the animals that can't escape, the worst ever wildfire in North America was in 1825 in New Brunswick, the fire burned over 3,000,000 acres of land and killed 160 people. Another reason would be the wildlife eating the trees seeds and trees that are beginning to grow thus halting the tree growth.

​      Benefits of deforestation, leaves humans with a supply of natural paper and lumber products to be used in everyday life. Taking down all of those trees leaves them with space to increase town space and add more stores, food joints and factories thus creating more jobs but also increasing the population in that area.

However some people might see this as a plus and ultimately everyone wins at this point but they don't pay attention to the wildlife and habitat that are being pushed and destroyed by all of this. Loss of habitat drives animals closer together which means prey and predator have a limited space to hunt and scrounge for food. This means that their territories are much closer together, sometimes this leads to one species killing each other off or another hunting an animal until it is extinct. Being put closer and closer together due to deforestation leads to less and less of those animals thus sometimes leading them to extinction. Climate change is another repercussion of deforestation, taking away canopy leaves the previously moist dirt to dry up and not yield plant life anymore. Also less trees means more natural green gases in the atmosphere, this leads to what people call "global warming".

Fixing deforestation is as easy as stopping the cutting of masses of trees down but since we need the materials from paper so much this isn't as easy as it sounds. According to the UN Climate Summit they will cease deforestation by the year of 2030, this contract however is not legally binding so they could back out of it at anytime.