Gender in the Classroom and What We Don't Talk About

by ctrainham on Octobre 27, 2016 - 11:31am

I come from a rural public school system, where much of the social structure followed a very traditional path, with the expected cliques and social roles. Similarly, the techniques used within the classroom are exactly what you would expect form a traditional rural school. After reading the article, I began to think about how my educational experience contained very much of expected gender roles and treatment. From the gym class sport choices to the course options presented, much of the average public school is based on gender roles that are much more traditional than one would think.

Following this train of thought, I begin to wonder why this is. Gender, much like race, is a very controversial issue and one that many people do not feel comfortable discussing or even addressing. But with what we know about the way that gender manifests itself, would it not be beneficial for us as a society to explore different ways to educate children, with the objective of creating an environment where they are set up to succeed? As the article states, there is a dogma attached to things such as single-gendered schools that has no strong backing. We need to ensure that the people who are going to grow up and take our place in this world have every opportunity to realize their full potential without antiquated ideas standing in their way.

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