Sex and Gender, Two Categories that can have Different Answers

by ebentley on Octobre 14, 2016 - 9:04pm

Sex and gender are often thought as two categories that are dependent of each other. In all reality though, sex and gender can have two sperately different answers that don't relate. In the article " BEARDS AND BODIES Doing Sex in a Gendered World" by Raine Dozier, he quotes from Lorber saying "Talking about gender for most people is equivelent of fish talking about water" meaning that gender is not a topic most people talk about. Today's society has brought about new relationships, allowing people to speak and feel free about their gender identity. This leading to that gender is a subject worth discussing and allowing people to voice their gender as they feel that well fits them.

Let's take the example of filling out paperwork about yourself, you start filling out the information and come across a spot that asks for both your sex and gender, how do you answer to these questions? For a person who feels they are a transgender, transsexual, or other, they will fill out the two categories differently. Say you were born technically as a female, but now see yourself as a male. In the sex category youwould write down female, but in the gender category you would write down male. People today take their sex and gender differentials very seriously and deserve respect and should be treated just like anyone else in society. So yes sex and gender are two completly different categories, and when you go to fill out paperwork next time you should ask yourself about your own answers for sex and gender.