The Controversial Wage Gap

by Emule on Octobre 13, 2016 - 2:14pm

While the wage gap is a widely controversial topic, it does indeed exist. However, what most people do not realize is that this wage gap might be in place for a good reason. The United States percentage as a whole says that on average women get around 80% of the pay that men receive annually. That means if a man is making $100,000 annually, that on average depending on the state, a woman would make around $80,000 doing the exact same job with the exact same qualifications.

There are multiple factors that further affect the wage gap, these are things such as: race and ethnicity, occupation and education, and caregiving. Some occupations such as truck driving, have a much higher wage gap in comparison to an occupation in care giving. Also pregnancy and motherhood comes into consideration, this can be looked at in two different ways. One way is to side with the mother and look at is as unfair that the woman is getting penalized for a natural thing in life. Another way is to look at is from the employers side and calculate all the costs that come with allowing a mother paid leave. If an employer was to pay women the same amount of men and also give them paid leave when they have a child then the company would go into debt by a very large sum of money. The wage gap in a way helps them maintain their company’s finances. A possible solution to solve the bias toward women who do not have or plan to have children is for them to sign an agreement that states if they do take child leave then this will not be a paid leave.

Whether or not this wage gap can be solved in a timely matter is a whole other story.


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