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by A.B on Septembre 5, 2016 - 9:01pm

   The writer of this article Nick Wagoner of ESPN is addressing the latest headline by quarterback Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers, who all throughout pre season has made the news by choosing to take a knee during the national anthem of games as a form of protest against racial oppression. This headline has become a huge issue because everyone views it as the opposite of what it’s intended to be. The biggest issue people have with this is they believe it’s disrespectful towards the country and to the military troops who serve to protect the citizens of the United States.  Kaepernick addressed the media and made it clear that he has no issue what so ever against the military, he later went on to say “his decision to make his stance has been a long time coming and was born of years of both witnessing and being part of racial oppression”. Ultimately what this article wants to get across is everyone is viewing it as an act against the military and focusing more on that rather than the true message Kaepernick is trying to send as seen in this quote by the quarterback “I do think that the talk has been more about me, more about I know a lot of people's initial reactions thought it was bashing the military, which it wasn't. That wasn't my intention at all. I think now that we have those things cleared up, we can get to the root of what I was saying and really address those issues." Which is the amount of hatred against people of color.

 Some of the arguments that Kaepernick makes to defend his point of how he’s sick of racial oppression are as followed. He talks about police brutality in different cities and how it has resulted in the death of many black men. He also goes on to tell a personal story about when him and his college roommate were moving out of a house and since they were the only two black men in a neighbourhood of mainly white people the police thought they were trying to rob the place and held their guns towards them. He even brings up another point on how the presidential political candidates, the ones who are supposed to be trusted to run the country are for oppressing. He was quoted saying” you have Hilary Clinton who has called black teens or kids super predators.” “You have Donald trump, who is openly racist”.  Kaepernick ends this interview with a final statement saying” what is this country really standing for?” By this, he is referring to the years of oppression and how even their own political candidates are doing nothing against it. Based on these arguments made by the 49ers quarterback I would have to agree with him because if you look at the amount of black lives lost lately I think what he is doing is using his platform as a pro athlete to raise awareness on the issue  with hopes that it will spark change in the world someday . 

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