Homelessness in Edmonton

by gbrouillard on Mars 30, 2016 - 4:23pm

In the article called “Colby Cosh: The magic of ‘ending homelessness’ — and ending up with more” by Colby Cosh in the National Post on March 21st, 2016, the author comments on the state of homelessness in Canada, more particularly in Edmonton, Alberta. The main highlight is that this winter has been a very busy one for the homeless shelters, even if this winter was not as harsh as the previous years. Plus, the staff working in these shelters reported a 42 per cent increase in outdoor sleeping. This is something that should be improved in Canada since we are considered as a wealthy country and we are supposed to have the funds to resolve this social problem. Furthermore, Edmonton is presently in the eight year of a ten year plan for ending homelessness. However, this plan seems to be failing from A to Z since the homelessness rate in this province has raised over the last five years. One of the main reason for that is the fact that the government let go more or less of the idea. For example, the original project was supposed to receive a $10 billion found, they actually received $600 million. For me, homelessness is a social problem that has to be resolved by the government and the society. Efforts have to be made from one part and the other to have success and the emphasis has to be put on the well-being of these people living in the street.