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7 années 8 mois ago

The Royal Bank of Canada

The Royal Bank of Canada more known as the name of RBC was founded in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1864 with the name of Merchants Bank. The bank serves over 18 million of clients and has 80,100 employees worldwide. RBC is the largest financial institution in Canada and third in term of profit.

Personally, I think that the Royal Bank of Canada is a strong example of an ethical business in today’s world because this company because the company respect the standard of being honest and as an ethical behavior that the employees of the company have to respect. As I client, I can confirm those statements. It’s very important that the employees respect the Code of Conduct because they are dealing with the money of millions of clients. The clients have to be confident about the company. The Code of Conduct contains a variety of ethical and legal concerns.


7 années 8 mois ago

Merci de ta suggestion. Peux-tu nous fournir un lien vers l'article?

7 années 9 mois ago

Hi Norm.

As I mentioned last week on the phone and again in an e-mail, my students cannot use their cell phones for the conversations as it violates the technology usage policy of our college.  Should I switch them to another group or open an Adobe Connect group for them.  Either is fine with me but I don't want you waiting to connect with them via cell because we need to find another method of communcication.  Let me know tomorrow am.

7 années 9 mois ago

I decided to go on your blog at the first beacuse of the title that was addressed directly to the teacher so I was expecting something good. According to my perspective ethical business contains some rules people have to follow and respect to make sure that the business is doing great. I agree with you that if you have an ethical business means that you have a clean relation with the people in your environment. Also, ehtical according gives some rules to follow to their employees when they are acting with clients or others persons.

7 années 9 mois ago

Your article catches my attention because you talk about children who works for companies around the world and the environment. You are right. Ethical business concerns about not exploited children and nature. Young children in China for example, should not work. They should go to school instead and lived as many children in America. So, of course we should not encourage that, by bying this stuff. Also, you're right when you said that we should pay attention about our environment because we are destroying forest and we have to stop that. 

7 années 9 mois ago

I totaly agree with your opinion. Some of big companies think only about the profit and it able to do a lot of bad things to save money. For the children, they have to be protect for mistreatment, but if we stop to buy products of this compagny it could be more difficult for us because with the two dollar per day, they could buy maybe a little bit of food. But is an opinion of a girl from middle class.

7 années 9 mois ago

Ricardo CEM gr: 1030

I'm agree with your article. I did my previous project in business english about toyota and they had fail but they found a way to get over this problems an this error does'nt affect it's image too much.

7 années 9 mois ago

I like your article because it talks about very intresting thing. In fact, in the real world men and wome are not on the same wavelenght in the business world and in some under developped countries it is worst.  I think it will very necessary that this situation changed.

7 années 9 mois ago

In my life, I heard a lot of stories but yours is incredible. I love the way that you write, that you explain your thinking. Just by your writing you can show how smart you are, how sensible you are.. I would really love to indroduce myself to you in person, it would be an honour. But seriously, like you said, the respect is a very important criteria to be respected in the company where you work. I chose this article because we are on the same wavelenght.

7 années 9 mois ago

Alexis D. CEM group 1030

Good stuffs, you go straight to the point even if its short you did something good!

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