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  • Reply to: Action Research Project -Fundraiser   4 années 2 mois ago

    I think that your project is a great idea since there most likely will be many other groups with great projects to help the environment that will need more funding than what is offered to them. Also, it has a lot of potential to make a lot of money that will end up going towards a good cause. However, my only concern is how you will go about selling these tickets and advertising your campaign. I think that maybe you should get it out there on social media and explain how this will help the environment so people will 1) be more aware of the existence of the project and 2) be more motivated to actually buy the tickets. Other than that, I think it is a very creative and useful project that will help many others.

  • Reply to: Sustainable Cities Project - Xavier Morand, Emma Husser and Nicolas Bernier   4 années 2 mois ago

    From what I have read, there is a lot of good factual information concerning the context of your project. As a matter of fact, E-waste is a huge problem here in Quebec and Canada. I like the graph that you put in there and I think you were able to make the subject of E-waste understandable to everybody, which is essential for getting people involved and making your project happen. However, I wish your project looked more like a proposal form, that way we would know what the steps were that you will take in order to complete it. Other than that, good job on the informational part and keep at it.

  • Reply to: Our Culture of Convenience and its effect on the Health of Kids   4 années 3 mois ago

    I agree with your point; our culture promotes sedentary life to children. Video games, TV, computers, or cell phones are all part of this subtle issue. As you explained teachers, parents and government should aim to sensitive children about the importance to practice sports.
    I think we should firstly convince parents and teachers of the importance of physical activities. Indeed, education is the key to solve this problem. There are four principal advantages that parents and teachers would like to see their children gain through sports. There is social skills, self-esteem, academic success, and lifelong health. Indeed, sports help children with there social skills throughout the interactions with their teammates and coaches. Furthermore, physical activities help children to trust their abilities and interpret criticisms as constructive rather than an insult. In addition, sports are directly related to academic success. Children learn to apply the same effort and concentration in their school works than in their sports. Finally, physical activities promote a healthy life which reduces the risks of diseases and increase the quality of your children’s life.


  • Reply to: Not an Investment but a Home   4 années 3 mois ago

    I disagree with your point; cities are area of continuous change. In other words, they are always evolving and the physical characteristics of a neighbourhood need to change several times within few years. Otherwise, the neighbourhood will become old and poor. Furthermore, gentrification is not exclusively against old neighbours, it also has some interesting outcomes for them.
    For instance, it helps the creation of new infrastructures and new career opportunities. We also observed a decline in the criminal rate and an influx of diversity. Indeed, buildings or public space are renovated with the money of the new taxpayers. In addition, the taxes also increase the funds for the local schools. The creation of new stores, café and restaurants create job opportunities for the old residents. Furthermore, the gentrification of a neighbourhood reduces the criminal rate. Finally, the neighbourhood embraces a greater diversity with the arrival a new resident.


  • Reply to: Toxic airplanes   4 années 3 mois ago

    I fully agree with the fact that aviation is one of the cause of climate change and it is damaging the environment. But, this is not the worst part, since air transport has only increased in recent years, both for export and import of goods but also for travel. There are even a lot of people who decide to fly when they could have taken a few hours by car or bus, just to go faster. The planes pollute worse than cars, for example if four people decide to share a car, they are collectively responsible for emitting only 104 kilograms of CO2 and while if they had choosen to taking up four seats on a plane would generate some 736 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

    Some might say that if we managed to make electric cars, why not electric planes? But this is not as simple as that, unfortunately, since aircraft do not run on renewable energies. This is a major problem which is not ready to be resolved. And, if we decide to reduce international flights, places that survive only from tourism, like some little islands that would live in poverty without it, will be the first to experience a decline in their economy! So this is a very complex situation!

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    I do agree with your opinion to some point. Yes, planes can cause a big impact on the environment by the release of C02 gases. Nowadays, we live in a world that is dependent on airplanes. Because of that, reducing the impact of climate change due to planes would be really hard. As you wrote, we need planes for exportation and for tourism. The world’s economy depends on that. If some countries lived without tourism, they would be stuck with even more poverty.
    If we take a wider look at the problem of global warming, planes are not the factor that contributes the most to climate changes. In your article, it is written that «it presently accounts for 4-9% of the total climate change impact of human activity». If we really want to reduce climate change, the first thing that we should be concerned about is livestock. This might seem surprising for a lot of people but with the way we raise livestock in developed countries nowadays, cows are actually releasing the most C02 and methane gases. The methane produced by cows « warms the world 20 times faster than carbon dioxide». They are the actual biggest threat to the environment. In an article from Independent Magazine, it is said that the world’s top destroyer of the environment are not the cars nor the planes but are in fact the cows. If we compare statistics, livestock are responsible for 18% of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. This percentage is higher than planes, cars, and all other forms of transport put together. I’m not saying that planes are good for the environment, but they are not as bad as other forms and origins of greenhouses gas emissions such the ones coming from livestock. We should be more alarmed by modern livestock agriculture than all forms of transport put together including plane transportation.
    So, I believe that reducing the amount of meat consumed by each household would be an easier solution to reducing the climate changes rather than raising fuel prices that would at the same time discourage the tourism in countries that need it the most. By taking the problem at it’s source (where it’s the worst), we can really contribute to reducing the release of C02 and at the same time, reduce the environmental impacts considerably.

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    I love the title. Really cool.

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    Your car must be cool!

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    Shame on you Erica. There's so many people in need and you just ate the burger...where is the respect nowadays.

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    what a brave young woman!!!!