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    To begin, I strongly agree with your article, which is why I would like to add my point of view on the topic! I believe the problem is mostly due to white privilege, which is when a population is advantaged because of their race and therefore believes that there is equality for all since they have never been a victim of discrimination nor inequality. Therefore that is why the sensitization of everyone is important. I believe that it would create an understanding of the problem to a wide range of people, especially those who have been benefitting from white privilege, which they have constantly been in denial of because of the lack of “proof”. However, I also believe that the education of our children about race is extremely important. Teaching children that the difference in race has no significant meaning will lead to a more open and less racist community. Obviously, there will still be people who have been brought up with the idea of racial hierarchy, however it is a great way to start. Racial discrimination was created in the past, we are now in the 21st century and therefore it is time to leave the past in the past and move into brighter things like equality. Regardless of the fact that the fight of equality has already begun, media coverage on events such as #pray4paris show that we still have a long way to go in order to achieve equality and that is why drastic change must start NOW. Hence, even though many people are well aware about the severe inequality in our world for many different minority groups, do you still believe that pure equality is achievable?

    Nouvet, A. (Fall 2015). White_Privilege [Powerpoint]. Retrieved December 4, 2015 from Champlain College St-Lambert Lea website:

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    To begin, I completely agree with your argument that the media negatively present women. The media is obviously aware of all the repercussions there are when presenting an individual as an object and simply do this to gain the most viewers and make profit. However, it is also important to know that women are not the only targets used by the media. The media also target visible minorities of society with racist statements, which most people deny to accept the fact that it is racism. Just like the issue of sexism or presenting women as objects, racism is engraved in those who suffer from it and eventually begin to believe that they are the problem rather than society. In addition, whether or not most agree with this fact, racism is everywhere and is considered normal behaviour because it is not perceived as racism. For example, during the federal elections, many people and media stations spoke about wanting to go vote with their face masked to fight for the opinion, which was apparently not racist. However every argument made by these people clearly demonstrated discriminatory ideas such as “they must assimilate to us”, etc. Nonetheless, as explained in “Just Kids? Peer Racism in a Predominantly White City” by James Baker, many people are exposed to racism without understanding what racism is creating more consequences on the individual. Therefore, my biggest concern is that the solution is to create awareness, but that society may never accept to understand and change.
    Baker, J. (2015, Fall). Just kids? Peer racism in a predominantly white city. In A. Nouvet, (Ed.), Anthropology 381-204-LA: The Myth of Race and the Reality of Racism (pp.49-61). St-Lambert, Qc: Champlain College Bookstore.

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    To begin, I believe this article addresses an important issue, and I agree with the message. Based on the summary of “ I have the Big Job of Teaching My Black Children About Police” by Rachel Garlinghouse, discrimination occurs within society’s departments, such as for example, the police force. It has been observed that people with dark-skin suffer from social profiling and thus, are victims of unfairness and a kind of inequality due to stereotypes and racism which make them “criminals”. Although, this article also discusses the fact that parents of dark-skinned children must explain to their kids that they are subjects of this discrimination and that since birth, they have already been classified as “dangerous”, “criminal”, “inferior” and so on. The article makes it clear that it is extremely important to speak rationally to children in order to educate them about the issue, and this is what I agree with. I believe that what goes on in society is incomprehensible and that these children should understand what they must face beforehand because this is probably what is best for them. It is much better to understand and be ready for something to happen than to be completely surprised and thus upset for the lack of understanding of what may be the reason why this is happening. As stated in “Just Kids? Peer Racism in a Predominantly White City” by James Baker, children who do not understand the concept of racism have trouble understanding why these situations occur. While some are depressed about them, others blame themselves for bringing this upon them. Hence, in order to diminish these consequences, it is important to discuss racism with children. Although in the long term, discussions will no longer be sufficient, what will be needed is a change.


    Baker, J. (2015, Fall). Just kids? Peer racism in a predominantly white city. In A. Nouvet,
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    To begin, the reason why I’m commenting on your post is because I am interested in understanding the reasons why these cruel acts happen and why they are essentially considered racist or discriminatory. I agree that there is a huge issue in our world today about racism and discrimination towards different racial groups, which are by some or were by others, perceived as an inferior “race”. However I cannot help but become confused about these definitions and how they are used in real life situations that happen everyday. For example, many will argue that racism is much more present towards the black community in the justice system than towards any other “race”. Although, what we tend to forget is that the media deliberately chooses their article topics in order to lure their audience in reading their article, making the situation look worse than it actually is. Also, many people define discrimination/racism as treating “races” differently than others, especially to their disadvantage. However, despite this definition, a lot of people throw these words around without actually thinking about if it actually is racist and what actually is racist. Don’t get me wrong, many of these events are obviously racist, but in this event in particular, what is it? Is it considered more racist for the police to treat them differently (which is what most people call discriminatory), which would be to let them get away from a robbery scene and maybe even attack him violently, or by treating them like everyone else and track them down to then be called racist for going after people of coloured skin? Is it for opening fire on them for self-defence? Why is it considered racist if it is a human reflex to protect one’s life? I understand that it is hard to determine if the events unrolled this way because of the witnesses, however these are important points to keep in mind to avoid throwing accusations around without clear evidence after investigation is classified.

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    I agree with you that India/Pakistan share similarities with Quebec/Canada when we talk about a separation between two countries because these two countries have the same path. Additionally I think, like you, that we do not need to be separated to work better as a country, we have to find a way to live well with different people regardless of their religion, ethnicity etc.

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    I think that it is not because we do not exactly know where the information that we have about any religion comes from that we should not believe in one. If a believer has faith about his religion, it is his choice and we cannot change that. I totally agree with you.

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    I totally agree with you. Religion helps so many people in life with any kind of issues, believers trust their own religion and as you said it is an advantage to have diversity. This enables us to learn more about different worldviews and cultures.

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    In this article, we can clearly see the thesis what you stated. The thing is, usually if you want people to believe and be convinced by what you wrote you need to support your thesis by premises. Yes, cyber bullying touches everyone but can you give examples or statistics to prove your point. Your writing style is good and conveys maybe a small group of people, but again, for people to believe even more in what you are trying to defend, you need to express with more passion. If you can prove what you are saying then you already get a lot more attention from your readers. Maybe, also, watch your syntax and spelling mistakes it decreases your article’s and your credibility. However, I extremely agree with your article and thesis, we, as a society, should do a lot more because we’re not doing enough that is for sure. This subject touches me a lot because, when I was a kid, I used to bully someone smaller and more fragile than me. When I recall this part of my life, I feel disgusted by myself. What rights did I have to permit myself in to doing such things? Now that I rethink of all the possibilities of why I made this little boy endure such things (without entering in any details), I think it is because he was smarter, he was thinner (I was kind of chubby at the time...) and he had all I’ve ever wanted when I was a kid. Jealousy made of me a terrible monster. I think that jealousy is the most important cause of bullying or cyber bullying at a young age. I may be unconscious because you are still young, but it happens in every province, in every school and maybe in every class. This is why it really touches me a lot; it was a part of my life before and although I would rather forget about it all. However, it is easier for me to try to find solutions to stop cyber bullying or just bullying. One of the solutions may be to tell a trusted adult, you know the only teacher or adult in the school or workplace that you consider more of a friend than anything else. (S)He may be able to help you. Another one that once was executed on my as an ``ex`` bullyier would be to say: `` What you’re doing isn’t funny or entertaining at all, everyone around you are laughing because they are scared of you not because they like you or find you funny.``
    You can find more information on this very interesting website:

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    Your topic is interesting. I love how you view water as the base of the universe. Your depiction is significant. I think that we should preserve as much water as we can for the generations to come. We have approximately 2% to 5% of fresh water on the planet Worse still, we have to share this tiny portion with other animals. Important as the matter is, expert help is needed to help rationalize water usage.
    On another note, it is not a good idea to start a sentence with” because” if you do not mention a reason. If I were you, I would have elaborated more on the subject matter. You should have covered the subject in more depth.
    This subject is near to my heart as I once did a project about it. That said, I have a background in the subject. Apart from seas and oceans, the human body contains up to 60% of water. We are extremely in need of each drop we waste. We are fortunate enough to live on earth. This is the only planet that has this precious resource. Sad enough, we destroy our own wealth by polluting and wasting water. There are threatening repercussions to our actions. Unfortunately, most of us are unaware of this issue. For instance, last summer, a train derailed and crashed into a lake in Quebec. Can you imagine the consequences of an incident like this? Of course, the lake was polluted. The dangerous carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons were present in the water. Please follow the link below for more details. The website gives us live examples of how our unconscious acts when combined can harm humanity .