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  • Reply to: Gender Inequality in Saudi Arabia   3 années 11 mois ago

    First of all, the fact that women in Saudi Arabia have been given the right to vote is obviously an important step towards gender equality as women are granted a more important role in the society. However, I believe that with this alone, the problem of gender equality in Saudi Arabia still remains far from being resolved. Since women live under the supervision of their “male guardians”, their right to vote is restrained because they are highly influenced by the male who supervise them. For instance, as mentioned in the article, women are not allowed to drive a car without their “male guardian”. This ideology goes entirely against the idea of what is gender equality. I believe that the only way for this country to truly improve in terms of gender equality would be for them to separate religion from politics. If we take for example Canada, gender equality became an important issue that people felt the need to resolve as the church stepped away from the political scene. Of course, there are still problems of gender equality in Canada. However, if we take a look at all of the progress that we have done in the last 70 years or so, we have improved a lot and I believe that this has to do with the removal of the Church’s influence on political decisions. I believe that religion has an important role in every society. However, its place simply does not belong in politics because spirituality and faith are concepts that cannot be universalized and do not apply to everybody.

  • Reply to: For or against Assisted Suicide   4 années 1 mois ago

    This text is really great. It shows both views with great arguments from both sides with objectivity. Before reading this article I was against it, but the arguments depicted in this text really made me realize that we all have our own personal liberty. Therefore, we have the right to decide whether or not if we want to live or die if we are suffering in our dying bed. I don't have much to say about it a part the fact that the text was well written and made me change my mind about this social issue. Knowing all of this, would it be considered as a suicide to end our lives?

  • Reply to: Legalization of marijuana   4 années 1 mois ago

    I think that it is a very interesting issue to look on, because both sides have very good arguments to promote their point. Moreover, I don't think that we should base an argument about economical benefits knowing that marijuana affects the brain negatively. Yes marijuana relieves stress and relax, but it comes with its consequences. Exercises provides the same benefits without the bad effects. I also believe that the argument of releasing prisoners from marijuana possession or anything related to it, is erroneous, because these people are in jail for a specific reason such as having broken the law so they deserve being there.

    In conclusion, I believe that the legalization of Marijuana should not happen, because of the effects related to the brain and also because I don't think that the arguments for are valid. So is it worth to legalize a drug only for economic reasons?

  • Reply to: Legalization of Prostitution: More Fear than Harm?   4 années 1 mois ago

    The Legalization of prostitution is indeed a very controversial problem in our society. It was clear that you were for the legalization of prostitution. I am also for it, but I think that your text should have been more objective. However the informations provided were excellent and strengthened my opinion about the subject. Your point about if the legalization would worsen the situation made me realize that in fact, no it would really help. So if the legalization wouldn't worsen the situation why some people are still reluctant about it?

  • Reply to: Is abortion murder?   4 années 2 mois ago

    The title of your article caught my eye as abortion is a very interesting debate where both sides have good arguments. I also do believe that women should have the ultimate say on what they decide to do with their body. I also think that the father should have a very strong say in the outcome but the final decision should be the woman's. She is the one that will undergo the procedure, not ProLife activists. I also think that if a woman gets raped she should choose what to do with the fetus, because that is a case where she couldn't have done anything to prevent a pregnancy. Women should be able to decide on what's best for them without being pressured by people who know nothing of their situation. Even though prostitution and abortion are two different debates, they still share common arguments, would it be fair for society to let women do what they want with their body regarding abortion but control prostitution?

  • Reply to: The Emergency to Learn   4 années 2 mois ago

    I chose to take a look at your article, because title really caught my eye and I agree that we have to learn about race and racism. After reading it, I came to the conclusion that I too had a very limited definition of race. I now realize that defining a race as color of skin can be misleading as it groups people that have very different cultures together. I don't think that people should be classified by color but by their actions and culture, that is, assuming we need to classify human beings. Do you think that the concept of ''race'' is actually useful to humanity? I think that all it did was cause problems and divisions throughout humanity.

  • Reply to: Should we stop eating meat in order to save the planet?   4 années 2 mois ago

    I was really interested by the title and topic because it's a very common topic these days and I know so many people who are becoming vegetarian to help the planet and to save animals. In my opinion, people eat way too much meat and a lot think that vegetarian food just isn't good but that's simply because they've never really tried it. With this said, I think if people would eat more vegetarian meals it could really help simply for their own health but also because we should take care of the animals instead of using them for all kinds of things, especially to eat and they are treated really bad. Do people really care for their planet and the living things around them or they only care about their own wants?

  • Reply to: Legalizing Marijuana, Yes or No?   4 années 2 mois ago

    This caught my attention because there's a lot of conflict and mixed opinions about this particular subject and it has been going on for really long. In my opinion, marijuana should be legalized because like you have said in this article, it would help control it and regulate it which would be a lot better. It would also bring a lot of money to the government and I think that alcohol is just as bad and somehow that is legal. I think people are always going to find ways to take this drug that is one of the least bad drugs and that it's way better to take control over it. With this said, is it better to legalize it and control it or to just let people continue and find ways to get it which could be mixed with other dangerous things?

  • Reply to: Does The One-Child Policy Will Save Us?   4 années 2 mois ago

    Your topic caught my eye as soon as I saw it. You clearly presents both point of views regarding the one child policy in China but i personally think that this policy should not exist because it shows the inequality between sexes. Male children are more valuable than women children. I think that families should have the rights to have more then one child because it is creating an instability between gender. I think that China should reevaluate its policy because is the one child policy really helping the major problem China is living which is overpopulation?

  • Reply to: Police Brutality: Does Black Lives Matte   4 années 2 mois ago

    The title of the article really caught my attention because it's a subject that comes up a lot in the news and in many articles these days. There are many cases of police brutality in the US, especially against african americans. Personally, I have the same opinion as you because I think that it's unacceptable for police officers to do this and to simply kill a certain race without real reasons behind it and they don't even really get punished for it. I have always believed that everyone should be treated equally and there shouldn't be inequality of the races. With this said, the article demonstrates that brutality is still happening towards when it should be in the past. Will police brutality against African Americans ever really stop?