Anything For Beauty?

by Anderson554 on Septembre 5, 2014 - 11:34pm

Around the globe, we are constantly surrounded by the media. With the technologies these days every few hundred step that we take there will be always some sort of advertisement around beauty, cosmetic surgery and even weight lost products for men and women to think after them self about their own body. A woman in the other hand spends thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgeries to make them more attractive for men and the world to see her from top to bottom. From Botox to liposuction people will always try to find a way to make them self more presentable to the society. More cosmetic surgery and more beauty products equals more beautiful? Wrong! When you enter the operation table you are running the risk of having multiple side effects after the surgery. Even thought after their first plastic surgery there are many patients that will not be satisfied with their appearance that they got from the previous operation. In my opinion girls and women should keep away from this kind of procedure. Each person has their own unique personality and do not let media or the ads from big companies get in the way.   

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