You Won't Get Noticed Anyways

by JustSomeGirl on Septembre 16, 2014 - 10:50pm


“Oh sweetie, you aren’t a size 5? We don’t carry this dress in anything smaller than a size 5, sorry.” And all the size 0 employees giggle as her size 14 figure walks out because she just doesn’t fit in. Literally.  Somehow we, as a society, thinks this is ok, we seem to think that judging a woman based on her size, on how she looks, is acceptable because, face it, who cares if she’s extremely smart and has a heart the size of Texas? We’ll probably just say that even if she has a heart of the size of Texas, no one’s going to ever notice because men don’t go for “bigger” women. God forbid. Ever look at a magazine ad and see a woman who’s what seems to be average weight, size 8-12, average height, B-cup breast size, curly hair that isn’t blond? Keep dreaming, that will never happen. Women who will be shown to the public, in ads, as models, as actresses, have to loom a certain way, they have to look what the media has told us is beautiful. Skinny, large breasts, big eyes, long hair, thin face, muscular toned arms, but not too muscular, she isn’t a man and a flat tummy when she sits. No one questions it, we all just nod our head in agreement as we chew our carrots, struggling to look that way. Oh she has to have a nice butt, otherwise men might not even look her way twice, because men are the first ones turning a girl down because she was too fat or didn’t have a pretty enough face for them. Oh I failed to mention that half of these men are walking around with beer bellies and balding heads, but who says anything about them? It’s ok for them to look that way, because even if a woman wants a muscular, thin, tall, blue eyes, dirty blond hair, has scruff and smells fantastic, we’ll settle for the chubbier short cute guy, whereas men won’t settle, because they think they can do better.

As little girls we see this happening, in high school our beautiful thin friend got all the guys and we were lucky if one even said hi to us. And no one realizes how this affects us women from such a young age, thinking we will never be good enough, we have to starve ourselves and cake on makeup and wear 5” heels and skirts that we need to pull down every two seconds because face it, it’s too short. Women will always, and not just in the media, be judged to look thinner and dress sexier and have men chasing after her from as young as 15. We accept this but know it’s wrong, it’s been this way for so long, and who will say something to change it? No one.

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