Same mentality

by m-a.soucisse on Avril 2, 2014 - 11:38pm

The India-Pakistan relationship as resembled the one Québec and Canada is currently encountering.  Alot of people in Québec believe that Québec should be it's very own country.  This point is being defended strongly by Francoise David in the current 2014 Québec elections.  Even though being unlikely, if Québec Solidaire were to enter government as head of our province, David promises to recreate the Québec constitution and get on the matter of asking the population about our future and wether we want part in the Canadian federation or not.  This is very much the same issue India and Pakistan had back in the 1800's.  It came to the point where two distinct populations grew in the same country.  India's very own Ghandi believed strongly in the unity of India as a whole.  In fact, he opposed the Muslim's who wanted to seperate India, in fact, he claimed that Muslims and Indians were like brothers.  According to Ghandi, brothers fight and it is inevitable, but nonetheless it isn't a reason to split.  I in fact like to believe this comparison is well applicable to Québec and Canada.  Yes, we may be different in some aspects but Canada and Québec have been supporting themselves throughout the last few decades and our relationship with Canada is in my opinion, stronger then the one of India and Pakistan.  The mentality of David and Pakistan may very well be the same, but the relationship that defined the two couples of nations are completely different.

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