Cyber bullying

by Maudeb on Novembre 20, 2013 - 10:41am

The issue I chose for my research paper is cyber bullying. This issue happen when a person is bullying another person by using the internet. We can see different type of bullying in our society like verbal bullying. But I choose the cyber bullying because this type has increase with the internet’s technology in recent years. It is a major problem that our society faces. With this new technology people can interact with each other on website. It has positive effects on social interaction but has also negative impacts. The issue of this is that some people do not use it adequately. They start saying bad things to friends, strangers or even family members. I think that our society should do something to reduce cyber bullying because they have bad effect on intellectual academic. It can create mental diseases and some victims can’t live with the fact that they are not accepted by other people. Then, Cyber bullying has bad effect on social relationship such as having difficult time to interact with people. Finally, this issue has bad impact on emotional. Victims can feel depress and have difficult time with their self-esteem.

So, the cyber bullying should not be part of our society because emotional, intellectual and social capacity are impact by this issue in a bad way.

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