climate change

by tatyana.borshchyov on Avril 5, 2018 - 2:07pm

According to the article “Climate change could raise food insecurity risk”, the extreme weather changes may have a big impact on the food storages in many countries. Specially the underdeveloped countries. The scientist had argued that with a change of 2°C higher, some places will not be able to provide the same amount and species. The study looked at 122 developing and least-developed countries, mostly in Asia, Africa and South America. Professor Richard Betts, Chair in Climate Impacts at the University of Exeter, explains how climate change can lead to the both extremes: heavy rainfall and drought. Those effects will eventually cause the loss of production despite the huge demand of nourishment. Nonetheless, such weather extremes can increase vulnerability to food insecurity. It may have not only decrease in production, but can bring side effect to the aliment we know as today. "Some change is already unavoidable, but if global warming is limited to 1.5°C, this vulnerability is projected to remain smaller than at 2°C in approximately 76% of developing countries.”



In my opinion, this could bring several damages to the food chain, thus the majority on species, including the human race, would have to consider a new diet. However, the developed countries will have more ease with this issue, by eating artificial goods.