How to Prevent Overpopulation

by maurane on Février 22, 2018 - 11:34pm

The article “How Many People is Too Many People?” by Hannah Gais inform us about the danger of outstripping resources with our growing population and gives solutions to prevent this problem. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the main cause of resources depletion is the outgoing expansion of the population. Consequently, since the world population is estimated to be 11 billion at the end of the century according to United Nations, Natural resources will be insufficient for the number of people living.  Also, Emissions, climate change, unemployment and regional instability due to resource insecurity are also consequences of population growth. Alan Weisman, an award-winning author, journalist and former University of Arizona professor, argue that human ingenuity and technological development will not fix the problem since this development requires resources and there are exhausted. Instead, Weisman proposes that family planning development initiatives and women's empowerment would be better solutions. He highlights the fact that the intervention of the US in Costa Rica in 1966 to lower birth rates by providing them contraceptive is one of the greatest decision his government has made and he hopes that the US will continue to take this issue seriously.  Another solution by Weisman for lowering birth rate is education, especially women education. He explains that education has the effect of empowering citizen and at the same time lowering birth rate. Finally, Gais believe that the U.S should continue to treat population growth as a national security issue.

In my opinion, even if the article was written five years ago, it is still relevant today since that the problem of overpopulation is still an important issue that is still not resolved. Also, I agree with Weisman when he proposes that education could be a solution. By educating women, they stay longer in school, it gives them knowledge it gives them the opportunity to pursue a career which makes personal goals priorities instead of having big families. Personally, I believe that government of developed countries should help less-developing countries where education for women is rare since overpopulation is an issue that will affect everyone and by only educating people in their own country won't change anything.

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