Marijuana in the Workplace, a Crime or a Choice?

by br1amb3r on Mai 6, 2017 - 12:27am

The article discusses the controversial arguments on how the legalization of marijuana will affect the workplace and its workers if the liberal government decides to pass the bill on the legalization of marijuana.

 On April 13th, the liberal government came out with a bill that could potentially legalize marijuana in Canada by July 2018. Basically, this bill will allow people 18 and over to publicly purchase marijuana, and be allowed to possess as much as 30 grams, and grow up to four plants of marijuana per residence.

Currently 75,166 patients are registered under the Access to Cannabis for medical purposes regulation, and it is expected an additional 900,000 Canadians will be more likely to smoke pot if the legislation is passed, and suddenly more than half of the working population would be smoking pot. So how will this affect the Canadian workplace? First off, the cannabis industry will create a quarter million jobs in the U.S by 2020, Colorado for example has a been a positive influence of the consequences of legalizing marijuana; adding $24 billion and 18,005 full time jobs to the state’s economy by 2016.

Legalizing marijuana is beneficial to the economy, but what about businesses that are not directly involved with the cannabis industry but have workers who smoke pot daily? Well according to a 2015 survey a fifth of business owners said they would allow their employees with medical marijuana prescriptions to use it in the workplace, but when its legalized, there will be no need for these “prescriptions” so how will that be monitored? When it comes to marijuana, as discussed in the news article, it’s not like taking one Tylenol which is equivalent to one Tylenol, when it comes to marijuana its different; it doesn’t always add up to what you are smoking depending on how it was grown and other factors, which could lead to unpredictable side effects. So how much is too much while on the job?

Another point discussed in this article is how did marijuana come to be illegal in Canada, well first off there’s no official reason but many influential aspects such as the book “The Black Candle” written by Emily F. Murphy who basically brainwashed the population into thinking that people who are on marijuana would have their morals altered and would be influenced to kill and perform violent acts.

My opinion in reason to this article is that I don’t think the legalization of marijuana will impair workers, because if they do decide to smoke pot it is probably to relieve stress which in turn makes them more productive throughout the work day. Also, I think it’s great that it will boost the economy, and people would know that the cannabis their getting isn’t laced with anything else and will ensure peoples security when it comes to buying marijuana, preventing accidental health risks. Also, the article suggested that most employees do smoke a bit before going to work because it relaxes them, so I don’t think the legalization of it will make them smoke more if they already make use of it in a productive way. A new generation is taking place, and like everything peoples mentalities will change on the legalization of marijuana, if not they won’t really have a choice. Is being relaxed and less stressed at work really a crime? 


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