Special Education Services and the Failing System

by hlvolpe on Novembre 6, 2016 - 10:47pm

                        In my summary i am going to be talking about a few articles dealing with special education. The more  that I see and read on this issue, I realize how much improvement needs to be made.

There are so many issues with the current system. For instance some reports i read talk about the racism when dealing with students and whose receiving special education services. In some cases

teachers admitted they are more likely to place white males in gifted and talented programs compared to students of color. In the report it states that the teachers see the students of colors performance

as normal in some cases. There should be a set of expectations for all students to achieve and as educators we should do everything in our power to make that happen. Racism is just one of the current 

problems that the special education services are facing.

                             Another issue is that special education services are handled state by state which isn't right. In the report from the state of Texas the information I find very disturbing. The state officials set

a cap of 8.5 percent of students that are receiving special education services, this is below the national average. If there was a mandate set for all states to follow and Texas was following the current 

national average they would be giving service to 250,000 more children. Critical services they need like therapy' one on one tutoring, and counseling. In the article i read it states that Texas is the only

state that limits the percent of students who receive special education services. The reason behind this in Texas was due to budget cuts. The 8.5 percent is so sad compared to the almost 13 percent of

children who receive special education services in the nation. This information is heart breaking for these children and their families.

                             There are so many cases that I have been reading about of schools not meeting federal and state laws when it comes to providing students with disabilities the education that they

deserve. This was recently the case in Connecticut and Iowa. The failure in the next report i read was due to the Special Education Student Information System is what the schools are claiming. Students

who are supposed to be receiving services in many cases are received none. In some cases 35 percent of students we're not receiving all of the recommended services for them. They are blaming

these problems on the computer systems and data they are receiving on the students. There is also a failure in children being evaluated within 60 days which is mandated by state law. 

                              They need to revamp the computer systems to keep better records and to help track the students services and progression better. It is so important to make sure students are receiving

services they need in a timely manner. This is such a shame in this day and age of electronics that this is even an issue. It is so critical that these children are given services at the youngest age

possible, for the best out come in future years. The holes in these services, delays, and cuts are not acceptable in any way, shape, or form.


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