To make a change, we all must change

by enrique696 on Septembre 27, 2015 - 2:57am

There are many issues with today’s media. One of those issues includes the objectification of people, predominately females. It causes long lasting and damaging effects on both sexes, in different ways. These issues have started many years ago and the negative effects have slowly been engraved into our minds and social surroundings, and up until recently, no noticeable attempt for change has undergone. The only way to change this is to bring the problem to our generation’s attention and begin to counter it in the same manner the problem came to be, slowly but progressively. By doing that, in time, there is a big possibility that these social and personal behaviours of what “normal” is can change for the better and help women live in a safer and more comfortable world.

The issues that arise with this add, is quite similar with the problems in most. A woman’s body is used as a means to attract people to the product which is being sold. First off, by putting a woman’s body on the same level as a commodity which can be sold, you tell the viewers that her body is also an object to be used for personal desires. Depending on where this add. was made, can even further the issues. For example the add. which I chose was made in India. India has a reputation for treating women badly as well as abusing them sexually and physically. An add. like this only perpetuates the problem.

Another big issue, is the fact woman see this, everything from the men wanting the woman on the add, to the extremely uncommon body type that the woman has. This makes woman want to long to have such a body and many go to extreme lengths that can be unhealthy to attain that. Since that’s what men start to look for, it makes certain women self conscious and lowers their self esteem which can take everything a step further, by making woman settle for a man who disrespectful and not deserving of such a girl. Although this is often the case, some woman don’t fall into this cycle although it still makes life harder around them, seeing other woman part of  it, and men having an unreasonable standard which is a horrible standard to have if one is trying to find a good person.

All in all, modern society had been quite twisted. It changes men to look for the wrong type of women and to look for unrealistic things in women. As for the women, it can lower their self esteem and make them want to attain impossible goals, while other are just caught in the crossfire. Hopefully by increasing awareness all this can change and be fixed.