Illegality of Marijuana In Canada

by P-M Gauthier on Février 1, 2016 - 10:28pm


The topic of this essay will talk about how Marijuana should be legal In Canada due to all the benefits that surround Cannabis. This paper will be comparative and analytical; it will compare two points of view, the positive outcomes and the negative outcomes of legalizing Marijuana. Then, this paper will explain some plans to decrease the negative outcomes and instead of making it a problem we make this a solution.

Making Cannabis legal in Canada will not only improve the economy incredibly but much more due to all the useful things it can be used for.

As a result of making Marijuana legal, just in the first year the Canadian government can make a profit of five Billion dollars (Cannabis in Canada) Marijuana has also proven itself useful for many illnesses or diseases. (cure your own cancer)  It will also decrease the usage of harder drugs and it will decrease the amount of cannabis used in Canada.


1. Areas of ideas

- Medical cannabis

- Economy

- The crime and drug use will decrease


-Should Cannabis be legal?

-should cannabis be used for medical reasons?


Legalization of Marijuana can be applied to all citizens of all ages due to all the things that cannabis can be used for. For example it can be made in close, in gas or even can be used for medical reasons.

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Those facts are quite interesting, thank you for sharing.