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by Q-taro 5132051 on Avril 24, 2014 - 3:45am

When I finish the reading, I was very impression by this article. I thought Kennedy is very great parson. This story has many problems about America and Japan. But this is difficult and very deep. So this topic can’t find the answer in clearly. But we have to think about this topic because this topic can’t separate our life.
I think U.S. is very important country for us. So we have to think and about this article. If we can get good relationships to America, we get many advantages.
At first I have the bad image to the U.S. But this is the mistake. When I read this article, I changed my mind. Kennedy is American. But she is the very great parson. She affect good thing. This article is very difficult contents and there are many difficult words. But good article for me. If I want to become English speaker, I have to know this information.

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