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Would you ever imagine a place in the world where human rights are non –existent or extremely limited?  Despite ever-increased globalization North Korea stubbornly rema­­­­ins one of the most isolated country from the rest of the world in the 21th century. Even if tourists or visitors are allowed to visit the country, they are not expected to reveal this hermit kingdom’s true face, as well as the real life of its 24 million people. Why? Simply because all the tours are “organized” in a way that one can only be shown off the brightest side of this self-hyped “perfect country”.

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Euthanasia, also known as medical assisted dying, is the practice of taking an action of ending a life to relieve unstoppable the pain and suffering of an individual. There have been heated public debates over the ethical and moral issues euthanasia has brought forth. Based on the social, cultural values as well as religious beliefs, different countries set their own laws either in favor of mercy killing or against it. In most countries today, euthanasia is prohibited or at least not recommended.

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Patrice Bergeron wrote an article for La Presse, a francophone journal, entitled ‘’Le Québec peut aussi parler au monde en Anglais, dit Lisée’’*. This article was published on February 1, 2017, and the following is a summary of Bergeron’s text (

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