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New research from the World Health Organization suggests binge eating patients suffer from life long impairments that are just as harmful as those in bulimia patients. As of may 2013, binge eating is a new diagnosis in the DSM-IV. Binge eating and bulimia have some of the same symptoms, but it had been assumed that bulimia had a bigger impact of illness on patients and the only difference between the 2 disorders is that binge eaters do not make up for their binge, they do not engage in purging, using laxatives or excercising.

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This article is about the murder trial of a man named Thomas Husky, who allegedly kiled 3 woman. The evidence shows that tommy committed the murders and tommy admits to doing so himself. The problem for the jury is that tommy is pleading insanity and claims he has Dissociative identity disorder. He claims that these actions were not committed by him but by his other personality called Tommy

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This article points out some of the changes made in the latest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, and how they change the social and medical understanding of who is a considered mentally ill.  Some of the changes made are considered quite controversial, as the changing criterias may cause some people to be wrongly diagnosed for illnesses, or even more significantly, to remain undiagnosed for an illness that they might suffer from and need help with.

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Depression is a mental state and condition that adversely affects a person’s behavior, thoughts and mental well-being. Generally, depression causes sadness, anxiety, emptiness and/or restlessness. A lot of times, depression can be a very crippling mental illness, because it is one of those few ones that are difficult to even notice, let alone diagnose properly.

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Veteran suicides outnumber US military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. Every year, suicide rates in veterans increase. In 2007, 17 veterans committed suicide every day on average. In 2010, those rates increase to 22 veterans each day, according to Veterans Affairs.

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As alcohol consumption increased world wide, there were previous studies that have shown that heavy alcohol consumption is related to developing mental health problems, such as depression. In a new article in BMC Medicine, there was a study that was made, where researchers reported on a group study that followed 5,500 light-to-moderate drinkers for up to seven years to study the relationship between alcohol intake and depression.

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