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The police officers receive calls every day in order to solve domestic incidents or to protect the citizens. It is important to stay professional in every situation to avoid accidents that should never have happened. Because police officers are sometimes excessive in their way to apply the laws especially with minorities.

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What is the heart of the public train stations in Japan? Many Japanese people would answer that it is Tokyo Station. It is the biggest station in Japan. We can feel tradition and dignity there. That is because it has been under construction even though over 100 years has passed since it was built. Today, I will introduce the history of the station, its features and famous spots in it.

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Lately, the question about legalizing the accessible drug and bad drug that is marijuana in our country has been brought in the discussions of many people. First of all, it’s important to know that marijuana has many bad effects on people. It is actually really damaging for  the brain and it can also develop many bad diseases such has mental illnesses and even some physical pain. Nobody would wand to live with that. Second of all, with the marijuana that could become legal in our country, people could easily develop an addiction.

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