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By: Xavier-Rowan Gagnon, Dorin Popa, Simon-Pierre Dupuis The Issue:

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In the article “How Urban Design Perpetuates Racial In equality- And What We Can Do About It” by Diana Budds it is discussed that cities are shaped by the people who plan them. For centuries, in the United States of America, these people where mostly racist and discriminatory. Urban policies like the Housing Act of 1949, passed by congress, helped forge more divisions in various cities. Laws like these helped push slum dwellers out of their homes and on to the streets. Another gravily dividing factor is public transportation and access to it.

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In our modern times, society has strived to develop more and more technology designed to simplify our lives. In Canada, a highly visible negative consequence of this pursuit of convenience is the drastic reduction in the amount of physical activity in which citizen take part in, especially in the kids of the newest generation. This includes all manners of their lives, whether that be in gym class, on the playground, while travelling to and from school; physical activity in general has been replaced by a more efficient or more attractive medium.

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