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The documentary “Tough Guise 2” is an eye-opening revelation about understanding the roots of what truly is the ideal masculinity. The title really sums it up. Men are bound to appear and act tough in the society. Most parents would expose their sons, at a very young age, with toys associated to power and violence. As they grow up, boys will learn and develop these constructed definitions of manhood. This explains why most violence are done by men based on statistics.

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The media plays a powerful role in our society. It basically is the spokesperson of people working behind the media. What’s their message? “Change who you are and be someone you’re not.” It affects our daily lives due to our excessive exposure to it. Although it’s not our fault, media and advertisements are inevitable. They’re literally everywhere! Did I mention how influential they are? You may already have noticed how it changes someone’s mind and behavior, brainwashes people thinking that what the media is showing is best for us.

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