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In the article “How Urban Design Perpetuates Racial In equality- And What We Can Do About It” by Diana Budds it is discussed that cities are shaped by the people who plan them. For centuries, in the United States of America, these people where mostly racist and discriminatory. Urban policies like the Housing Act of 1949, passed by congress, helped forge more divisions in various cities. Laws like these helped push slum dwellers out of their homes and on to the streets. Another gravily dividing factor is public transportation and access to it.

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Gentrification has become a rising issue in diverse parts of the world, this issue is of serious matter as it causes increase in rent for residents who might not be able to afford it. There’s also more to gentrification, on a cultural level, gentrification is also responsible for destruction of buildings which are important to a neighbourhood’s history. In Valerie Vande Pannes article “How Harlem residents found a unique way to fight gentrification” posted on Salon, shows a detailed overview of the causes & effects and ways to fight gentrification in New York City’s East Harlem.

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In the article “Want to be green? Forget mass transit. Work at home”, we shall discuss about one of the biggest environmental problem caused by major cities. As we all know, big cities build up big traffic, without doubt. We can observe this phenomena in our local city: Montreal. You may ask yourself: “Expanding highway routes will probably resolve this issue?”. This is wrong, take Los Angeles as an example. You may be surprised because a major city with routes expanding up to eight lanes still have transit issues. As you build more roads, more cars will travel on them.

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