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                     Gender inequality, specifically the issue of the wage gap has been a widely disputed and sometimes even unnoticed topic for as long as I can even remember. The disputes aren't even about whether or not there is even a wage gap because everybody knows there is. According to,"No, The Gender Pay Gap Isn't A Myth--And Here's Why" by Catherine Pearson, "'Few experts dispute that there is a wage gap, but differences in the life choices of men and women - such as women tending to leave the workforce when they have children - make it difficult to make comparisons.

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Have you ever wanted to feel as powerful as you can? To have the utmost control over every single aspect of your life, including, and most importantly, over the people around you? Then look no further than any of the exquisite wedding rings available at Natan Jewellers. It may not help you make your boss give you that impressive promotion, or your professor finally change your 49 to a 90, but at least it will make your girlfriend’s, or future fiancé’s, legs fly open the moment they see that expensive diamond you got them.

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We've all heard it before, domestic violence is a very real and present issue in many cultures today, and celebrities are no exception. A recent BBC article interviewed Rihanna about the very exposed abusive relationship she endured with her now ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Rihanna points out interesting things related to her specific case of domestic abuse and how she managed to thrive for a change by trying to reform her ex-boyfriend, even though the violence was still pursuing in her life.  

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