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Global warming, extinction of species, natural disasters… Scientists are all talking about it, but what really causes it? The destruction of the Amazonian forest is one of the reasons. Today, it is about 750 000 km2 of the forest that have disappeared (IRD). Unfortunately, economic motivations are too often considered more important than environmental ones. South Americans should care more about the Amazonian forest because its destruction is ravaging.

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Do you know Kinkaku-ji? It’s a temple in Kyoto. Kyoto has lots of famous buildings, temples and shrines. Among of all them, Kinkaku-ji is known as a very popular sightseeing spot by many people all over the world, and this is an eye-catching place. Well then, what are the history and influences of people in Japan and other countries?  

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The future can either be seen as something frightning or as something exciting, but it appears terrifying for most people. First, the future is obviously frightning for those who struggle with finding their way. Of course, it makes them insecure about how and where they will end up. On the opposite side, the future may seem exciting for people who have specific goals and who are planning to live in a certain way, but there is still a teryfying feeling. What if things don't happen the way they want? What if they don't succeed? There is always the fear of failing.

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Name: Gretta-Olivia Ineza                                               Burundians lives matter   During the semester, the majority of my posts on new activism were about the accurate situation in Burundi, my native country, which is located in East Africa.

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