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This article interests me since it raises a subject on gender stereotypes. There are toy companies that are starting to adopt their marketing without labeling their products to specific genders. This caught my attention by strangely bringing me mixed feelings about this situation. I am a person who strongly believes that everyone should be able to decide for themselves. However, personally, it would probably bother me a little bit if I had a son who would develop a main interest in dolls.

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Following my reading the article “Pope Francis: Church can't 'interfere' with gays” by Eric Marrapodi and Daniel Burke ( ) concerning the Catholic Church’s view on homosexuality. This article interested me because of the new elected pope Francis’ different approach to change the Church’s image.

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After reading the article about genetically modified babies “Genetically modified babies? - New science lets parents select child's genetic sequence, rearrange DNA”  by Lance Johnson ( ), it particularly grabbed my attention not only because it concerns the genetics and biology areas of science, which I am most interested in, but because it also plays with many values that I personally cherish.

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