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I have been researching into the lives of serial killers, more specifically their childhoods, to see if there are any similarities in their lives. My objective is to see if any events in adolescence or possibly their childhood environment has affect on their adulthood lives and impulse to kill. Within my research, I have found that there are definite similarities. It is essential in my research to look at not only their childhoods but the period of time, in adulthood, that they killed.

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          This year has seen its fair share of controversy and hate. Gender equality is a topic that keeps coming up and seems to center on women most of the time. More specifically, society tends to see women as generally weaker and more fragile than men. Women are even discriminated in the work place. A woman, who works at the same place and does the same job as a man, will be payed less than the man despite the fact that both of them have the same job. Women are also seen as easy targets for sexual harassment in the work place.

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In the valentine’s day advertisement for Natan Jewelry, two pictures are shown side by side. The first is a picture taken from a birds eye view, and shows a man holding a closed box while facing a female that has her legs crossed. The woman’s legs and the box are the main focus. In the second picture, shot from the same perspective as the first, shows the man holding the open box with a ring in it to the girl. The girl in turn spreads her legs open.

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