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  Yet, I Am Beautiful

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Do happiness and education correlate. Yes, as I presented in my last blog post, they do. This time, I look at what education is and what exactly the definition of happiness is. Of course, both of these topics are very broad, but here are a couple of very brief definitions.     

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In my opinion I feel that police are very corrupted along with the whole justice system. I have been realizing this for a very long time by seeing many arrests of rappers such as wiz and offset for small things that your average white American would never even be stopped for. Police often lie even when it comes to being in court, they will always lie to protect themselves because they know that what they are doing is wrong such as arresting people for things that should not be a valid reason of arrest.

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How far did you think before buying that brand new mascara? People often have very mediocre knowledge about what's really inside their makeup bags, and what are the ingredients used to create beauty. Carcinogens, parabens, sulfates, we've all heard and read these terms—the chemical ingredients that contains in our daily cosmetics. Still, new chemical ingredients arises and passes through animal testings, hurting and killing hundreds and thousands of animals every year. For what reason really? For the safety uses of the customers, the cost, the business.

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