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“Here are the major Canadian pipelines the oil patch wants built” – this article instantly caught my eye as its difficult these days to keep up with the continuous output of environmentally degrading project proposals. This article, written by Christopher Adams in the National Observer, was written in the September of this year and summarises and analyzes all the pipeline projects currently happening in Canada. As you read the article, you cannot help but to notice several reoccurring themes. The first: lawsuits.

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As we approach the date for the final decision of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion, we continue to see more conflict between many involved parties. An article by Gordon Hoekstra in the Vancouver Sun tells us that this project proposition has brought rise to conflict between government, oil industry companies, First Nations, environmental groups, and the general public regarding many different issues surrounding the pipeline expansion. The Trudeau government must make the difficult resource management decision by December 19, 2016.

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For decades, Africans fleeing from their war torn countries have resided in many parts  of India.    As I researched further into Africans living in India, I found out about the ongoing issue of racism.  There have been many short films, and news articles showing how badly Africans living in India are treated.  Some Indians have gone as far as harassing, and  assaulting many African students.   Some of these hate crimes even take place during the day when many people are around. No matter where Africans go, they are discriminated against-and it’s sad.

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    The most important, yet overlooked, global issue all species are facing currently isn't climate change or poverty but biodiversity loss. Biodiversity is what makes the world we all live in, livable. Without biodiversity there would be no life at all, and I think this fact alone should be a huge wake up call for current and future generations. It is the web of life, allowing us the water we drink, the food we eat and the nature we depend on. Biodiversity has been diminishing because of human impact, and this needs to change.

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               The article I chose focuses on a hotly debated issue in many parts of Canada, namely natural resource extraction and the impact on Aboriginal land rights. More specifically, this article chronicled the Waswanipi Cree’s fight to protect one of Québec’s last remaining untouched boreal forests, the Broadback Valley Forest, from forestry. The Waswanipi Cree’s territory is located 730 kilometres north of Montreal, and has already felt a heavy presence from the forestry industry, with 90% of their territory already logged or fragmented.

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       In a recent article in the Mountain View Gazette, author Peter Shokeir states that the mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) has been a well known pest in Alberta since their mass migration from British Columbia over the rocky mountains in 2006. Since this migration, Alberta’s forests have been intensely managed to protect the mountain pine beetle’s target tree, the lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta). This bark-boring beetle destroys it’s host tree by laying eggs under the bark, eventually killing the tree by cutting off the nutrients it needs to survive.

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University of Guelph
Environment and Resource Management

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