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Many people think that it's only women who have it hard in this world and that men don't struggle at all. Although it may seem that they have it easier, they definitely do still struggle. In society, women are expected to be tall, thin and naturally pretty, but many forget about society's high expectations of men to be stoic, powerful, and violent just to name a few.

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Women today are everywhere in the media. They are in beauty magazines, publicities, music videos, movies, etc. One thing that all the women have in common is that they are forced to look a certain way. They are molded to fit the idea of “the perfect girl”. Big boobs, nice skin, unproportional hip-to-waist ratio, big eyes and high cheek bones are just a handful of qualities that it takes to be one of these girls. The biggest qualification, however, seems to be the size of your jeans. In almost every source of media, the women being portrayed are extremely thin.

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