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A subject on the rise in the last few years and the cause of many debates is the question of whether or not meat is good for you. Reader's Digest's expert Chris Woolston wrote an article on the matter and gathered some factual information from different reports and studies in order to bring some clarity on the topic.

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                The article I read is “Dogs use same parts of brain to process speech as humans.” This article is about a research project done on dogs in Budapest. The issue in this text is whether dogs process speech similarly to how humans process speech, or if they don’t. After reading the article I think the conclusion is that they do. 1. Dogs use the left hemisphere of the brain to process words. 2.  Dogs use the right hemisphere of the brain to process intonations. 3. Humans use the left hemisphere of the brain to process words

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What are the effects of bullying if it started in their childhood? A research suggests that college students’ psychological problems may be related to their perceptions of past childhood bullying experiences. A study that involved 480 college students showed that the effects of bullying can stay for years which will affect the victim’s mental health into their adulthood. Some students has reported on their psychological functioning and symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

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