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ANEB (Anorexia and bulimia Quebec): ANEB Quebec's mission is to help everybody touched by eating disorders. To carry out this mandate, they provide various services that are offered in French and English. ANEB has 43 members, has its first support group and holds classes/workshops for families. Training for professionals: Workshops offered by ANEB have been developed with the objective of raising professional's awareness of eating disorders; causes, consequences, triggering factos, how to recognize them and how to intervene and communicate with those suffering with an eating disorder.

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Many clinics in the states are no longer offer treatment for abortions due to legislative attacks on those who provide these services. Judges have put a temporary stop to certain clinics giving them difficulty to continue the abortion treatment process.  

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Professor Green has caused an online controversy by claiming that bulimia is "an intelligent eating disorder" on Twitter. In a tweet that he posted on July 28th, he has stated that "bulimia is quite an intelligent eating disorder... it'd be easier just to chew food and spit it out but still, you get to eat whatever you want and stay skinny. #winning." He later responded "queue all the people who start telling me how intensive I am and how bulimia jokes aren't funny yadda yadda yadda..

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According to Researchers people that are bipolar die on average about a decade before someone who is not bipolar. The reasons for them dying so much before is because being bipolar brings its own risks, and other disorders and diseases, such as; COPD, diabetes, unintentional injuries, the flu, pulmonary disorder and much more. A women has twice the chance of dying if she is diagnosed with being bipolar. About 14 deaths per 1000 people die every year but for those who are bipolar it is 24 deaths per 1000 people.

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Article title: Eating disorders on the rise in Canada, as sufferers wait for treatmentArticle link: username:

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