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Sterilisation has been present in human societies for a very long time. As a voluntary medical procedure, it is really helpful for consenting citizens; however, it becomes a more sensible subject when the patient is a mentally disabled adult deemed incapable of personal choices. This is what happened a few weeks ago, in England, where a 36 year old man with a lifelong disability, identified as “DE” in the article, has been approved sterilization by the court following a request from his family.

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What is your favorite superpower? Superhuman strength? What about mind reading?

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Considering the amount of time I, and others of my generation, spend on it, any news concerning the future of the Internet holds great interest for me. I'd like to think that the Internet will continue to push the bounds of creativity and freedom of expression throughout the world for years to come. However, in recent years, there have been political campaigns in the US and in Britain to allow governments and/or private companies to censor content on the Internet.

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A man claims that he owns the Moon and sells extraterrestrial real estates for a living.

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